Shark Tank update!

Dear Shark Tank Fans,

I hope you enjoyed my exciting Shark Tank update!  If you would like to be first to know when the new line is available please submit your email at  I want to say thank you for encouraging me on my entrepreneurial journey. Over the past five years you watched as I pitched on ABC’s Shark Tank, made a deal with Barbara Corcoran, fought cancer and grew a business I originally knew very little about. 

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting countless Shark Tank fans over the years. Hearing that you were cheering me on from home, both in business & while fighting cancer, was so uplifting! 

I am forever grateful to Barbara Corcoran for believing in me and mentoring me over the past five years.  She is so much more amazing than what you see on TV.  I learned from one of the best and I look forward to taking that knowledge into the next stage of my life! 

Keep dreaming, building & inventing.  Who knows, maybe I will see YOU in the tank one day!   

All my best, 

Tiffany Krumins


Disney World Part 3!

During our trip to Disney we had the pleasure of staying at the beautiful Animal Kingdom Lodge!  I assumed the week would be pretty chaotic without many opportunities to relax.  I was wrong, the resort was a little slice of heaven on earth!  It felt as if we were transported to Africa while watching the wildlife or Jamaica when hanging out at the pool.  Parents often plan a trip to Disney with their children in mind, but I am here to tell you, it can be amazing for the entire family!

Take a look at a few of our Animal Kingdom Lodge experiences…

There we are up high; this breathtaking bridge is inside of the resort lobby!


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Disney World Part 2!

Our first day at Disney got off to a magical start as we headed to the beautiful Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!  Annabelle was beyond excited when we told her she would be the one being transformed that day.  Letting her know the boutique was actually INSIDE of Cinderella’s castle, which we had not yet seen in person, almost put her over the top!

BBB Sign

When we arrived it was much better than we could have imagined! They greeted our little princess at the front and led her to the dressing room.  It was in those initial moments that I realized Disney doesn’t do anything halfway.  Every little detail is thought of and is so well executed. As she approached the curtain to her changing room she was told “Your fairy godmother left you a present…”  Annabelle opened the curtain and found her Princess Belle dress.  Her little mouth fell open.

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We’re Going to Disney World!

Disney Magic


Four years ago I was diagnosed with cancer.  When I received the initial diagnosis SO many things ran through my mind…

  • Will I get to spend more precious time with my husband?
  • Will I get to have more children?
  • Will I get to see my daughter go to Kindergarten? See her learn to read?  Have her first “crush”? Get Married?
  • Will I get to take my daughter to Disney World?

That last one may seem trivial in the grand scheme of things but to me it mattered.  I had never been to Disney World.  I had a very humble upbringing and it was always out of our reach financially.  As I got older I decided I would wait and go for the first time with my children.  With my husband growing up in Riga, Latvia, he hadn’t been either.  When we were able to go we would all see it for the first time together!

One month ago we were invited to visit Disney.  My husband and I literally squealed and jumped up and down in the parking lot!  Yes,  6’4” men squeal too.

We decided we HAD to wait and surprise our daughter on the day of the trip.  We sprinkled many conversations about Disney during the weeks leading up to leaving.  Each and every time we reminded her that special trips like Disney would require us to save up!  She knew this to be the plan, save for another year and go before she turned 6! 

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A Barking Elephant? That can’t be right!

An entrepreneurs’ first priority should be spending money wisely.  With so many companies out there to “help” inventors, it is easy to see how some spend all of their seed money in the wrong place.  In some cases that may be in the form of a working prototype.  (You will find more information on prototyping in Step 6 of Stage 1)

Although I touched a bit on my thought process while creating the AVA prototypes I used during my pitch on Shark Tank, I would like to share the details of my experience of prototyping after Shark Tank and the possible road blocks you may encounter.

Although every prototyping company will tell you that you need a professional prototype in order to meet with investors, I am proof that this is not true.  I can give you three other examples of inventors who made their own prototypes and who are now wildly successful! 

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A Dream Come True~!

When arriving home from my appearance on Shark Tank my husband and I were obviously thrilled with the outcome & talked for days about what was to come!  But as the dust settled,  and we faced the reality of what this would mean for us, we had some long conversations, ”What if AVA became a huge success? What if it didn’t?”  I remember saying, “If I can reach a point where I am able to give out AVA’s  to sick children, it will be a dream come true for me!”  Of course I wanted AVA to succeed worldwide, but the vision in my head was that one sick child I met while at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  She looked so broken and so tired of the adult worries she was facing, knowing it was time for medicine, again. To see her smile was all I wanted.

Through perseverance, and a lot of hard work, I was able to see that very dream come true!   Recently I packed a LARGE box of AVA the Elephant’s and headed to Ojai, California to visit children at camp Dream Street!  The best part?  These children, although sick and usually hospital bound, were in beautiful Southern California, about to experience the best time of their life!

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